Clinically proven to strengthen your immune response within 2 hours.*

Our drinkable Immune Therapy infusion absorbs and starts working faster than capsules or tablets, which require digestion before activation. This allows for a rapid response to immune threats when you need it most.

Drink one 12-oz cup for daily support and fast-acting protection at the onset of an immune challenge. Each bag can be steeped up to 3 times for additional benefits.

Cistus Incanus, Rosehip, Sumac, Black Currant, Chaga, Ginger

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The Clinical Proof

Within 1 Hour

  • Immune cells move from your bloodstream into your tissue, positioning themselves to better respond to immune threats.*

Within 2 Hours

  • Natural Killer cells and T cells are activated and ready to respond (clinically proven by CD69 activation marker expressions).*

  • Immune cells return to the bloodstream, ready to surveil your system for other immune threats.*

Masterfully Made.

Clinically Proven.

We only use Earth’s wisest, most potent ingredients in precisely the right amounts. Each one, from mushrooms to herbs, is clinically researched and methodically sourced for its finest form to ensure it is reliable, organic, sustainable, ethical, and safe.


Cistus incanus has been treasured in the Mediterranean for centuries as nature’s answer to immune challenges. Traditionally prepared as a water-based infusion, clinical studies have shown it delivers relief and supportive benefits to patients experiencing an immune challenge.

A rich source of vitamin C and protective nutrients, rosehip contains a unique synergy of immune-balancing compounds that further activate Cistus’s potency. In fact, research shows that Cistus is even more beneficial when paired with vitamin-C rich botanicals like rosehip.

Sumac berry is renowned for its potent vitamin C and polyphenolic content along with its delicious lemonade-like flavor. With potent antioxidant properties, this is a key nutrient for immune health.

In vitro studies show that a small concentration of black currant leaf extract may help overcome immune challenges throughout the body.

Our birch-grown chaga contains high levels of betulinic acid, a nutrient that’s known to help bring immune responses back to balance.

Gingerols, a primary constituent in ginger, contain immunomodulatory properties that have a supportive effect on reinstating balance throughout the immune system and body. A recent study showed that after drinking ginger tea, patients had gingerols in their plasma 30-60 minutes after consumption.




Why An Infusion?

  • POTENCY: 1 serving of Immune Therapy has the same amount of immune-supporting herbs as 12 capsules.

  • FAST ACTING: Nutrients absorb into the bloodstream and begin working quickly without waiting for digestion.

  • ADDED DEFENSE: Your mouth is the gateway to your immune system. Infusions bathe your mouth with protective actives while capsules pass right by.

The Power Of Cistus Incanus

It is no coincidence that the healthiest people in the world thrive where Cistus incanus thrives. Native to the Mediterranean, it has evolved to endure harsh conditions, intense sun, and even fire and drought. Celebrated for its high quantity and unique array of polyphenols, it has been brewed into tea for centuries. Modern science has now validated its supportive benefits including dental health, heart health, respiratory health, and immune-threat protection. Cistus is also used as natural protection against mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects.

Steeped To Perfection


Bring 12-oz of water up to just before a boil


Pour water over infusion bag


Cover and steep for 10 minutes for optimal benefits and flavor*


Remove infusion bag, and enjoy hot or iced

*No additional benefits occur after 15min

Strengthen Your Immune Response Today

Refillable Jar (10 Bags)Refill Pouch (14 Bags)


What Others Are Saying

"I noticed a huge improvement within 24 hours. The next day I felt 95% better."

Deirdre H.

"Drink this tea and feel healthier. It tastes good hot or cold. It’s refreshing and a great way to hydrate."

Abigail H.

"A nice way to support your immune system that tastes good too."

Alice J.

"The clinical trials showed that after consuming a single cup of Immune Therapy, the subjects’ immune systems had: improved and clearer communication, increased surveillance and alertness."

—Dr. Gitte Jensen

PhD, Immunology

Founder & Research Director at NIS Labs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Cistus come from?

Immune Therapy contains Turkish Cistus incanus. Third-party testing confirmed that our Turkish Cistus contained higher total polyphenol levels compared to available Cistus sources from other regions. We quality test all of our ingredients to ensure you get the nutrients you need, and nothing harmful like heavy metals or pesticides.

What is an infusion?

An infusion is created when you steep a clinical dose of herbs in hot water. The amount of herbal potency is clinically validated for efficacy. Infusions are the best way to deliver the amount of herbal goodness needed to produce results. It would take 12 capsules or 4 herbal tea bags to equal the potency of just one of our infusion sachets.

How is this different than a tea?

Our infusion provides a clinically validated dose of 6 grams of key herbs that is far more potent than a standard tea. Our infusions are quality tested to ensure the presence of beneficial actives in every dose.


40+ Years of expertise

Immune health is more than just strengthening one system in the body. The most effective and lasting results come from treating the body as a whole.

"I’ve spent 40 years researching and identifying the world’s most potent nutrients to increase your immune system’s awareness, and bolster your resilience in the face of any challenge life throws your way."

—Paul Schulick

Founder, New Chapter & For the Biome