The Biomic Ripple


Make An Impact

3% of every purchase supports climate justice, sustainable housing, and empowering women. 

Your Impact

Our skin, bodies, and communities can only truly be healthy in the embrace of a thriving planet. The crisis of our time is climate change, but with this crisis comes an opportunity for action—a responsibility to do our part and help heal our precious Mother Earth. We work with organizations that are putting pressure on the fossil fuel industry, mobilizing action-oriented coalitions, and supporting the communities that are hardest hit by the climate crisis.


As we rise to meet the climate crisis, we must unite across the globe. The first step to connecting all people is ensuring every human being feels like a human being—and having a safe space to rest their head at night is a good place to start. Spanning from our neighborhood biome in Vermont to our global biome, we work with organizations to build sustainable housing, support case management programs that help build communities, and fund programs that provide asylum seekers with the means to heal and resettle.


Over half of our global population is female and climate research suggests that empowering women and girls around the world could be one of the greatest solutions to the climate crisis. Our partner supports African communities on the front-lines of climate displacement and fuels women-led businesses with the seed capital and mentoring they need to succeed and life-skills sessions that educate on the importance of educating young girls, family planning, and human rights, giving women the tools they need to catalyze change in their communities.

Creating Communities

We believe healing the biome starts in our own backyard. Our local Vermont-based partners, Windham & Windsor Housing Trust and Groundworks, work to build radically progressive communities that help alleviate homelessness while our other Vermont-based partner, Community Asylum Seekers Project, supports asylum seeker resettlement.

Saving The Planet

In these critical times, we must band together and act swiftly to ensure the future of an inhabitable planet. Fossil fuel companies have laid the foundation for our challenge, holding the most power in our world while corrupting governments and forsaking nature. We donate to our Vermont-based partner,, to support their efforts as they put a stop to all fossil fuel projects through community resistance, work to divest, desponsor, and defund financing for fossil fuel companies, and help us move closer to 100% renewable energy. 

The Future is Female

Suppression of women is directly linked to climate change and rallying for women and girls could be one of the greatest solutions to our crisis. We donate to the Vermont-based BOMA Project to support their efforts in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs) of Africa as they put women at the center of their work and strive to eradicate poverty and hunger, ease gender inequality, and address those hardest hit by the climate crisis.