Driven by the call to heal, Paul and Barbi Schulick founded For The Biome to awaken consciousness and spread a simple message: healing is connection. The health of our skin and body, the balance of our minds, and the future of our planet are all connected, and in these tethers, Paul and Barbi find their dharma. With deep roots as meditation teachers and Paul’s formal training as a Master Herbalist, the Schulicks have been uplifting the fusion of body, mind, and nature for over 40 years. Their journey began as they pioneered the fermented whole foods and herbal space decades ago, earning Paul recognition in The Hall of Legends for the Natural Products Industry and as a NutraChampion in 2019. The call still reverberates for Paul and Barbi, and it beckons them to continue healing the entirety of our one and only biome and everything within it.

Note From Barbi

“The most important thing is to find out what is the most important thing.” Zen master, Suzuki Roshi
The word dharma in the eastern spiritual traditions points to an understanding that we are each here for a specific purpose and that the work of a life is to discover that purpose and give our whole selves to it, regardless of outcome. Dharma is service to life through the unique gift that flows from our unique life. We do it just because we do it, because that is what we were brought here to do to benefit the whole. It has been clear to Paul that creating healing herbal products is his dharma. In the forty years since he set out on that journey, he has positively affected hundreds of thousands of lives. A passionate servant of the herbal kingdom, his formulations emerge not only through study, science, and research, but a practiced and time-tested intuition that unites him with the herbs themselves.