Your Skin Is A Universe...

a source of ancient wisdom, ever expanding, ever alive, and yearning for an affirmation—that skincare will respect your skin’s fullest potential as a miraculous, sensing shield that can see, hear, and even shift emotions. That the trillions of microbes cloaking your skin and uplifting its communication systems will be awakened, replenished, and fortified. 

5-Kingdom Alchemy™

Manifested by Paul Schulick, our Master Herbalist and passionate servant of nature’s kingdoms, our formulations not only come from science and research, but a time-tested intuition. Our 5-Kingdom Alchemy™ highlights the world’s most valued ferments and extracts for a sensory serenate to your skin and its microbiome.

100% Active Ingredients


Ingredient Glossary

Sentient Skincare™ 

Steeped in common sense and validated with over 40 years of science, Sentient Skincare™ respects the full expanse of the skin and its microbiome as the ‘third brain’, a universe of life that contains all the learned wisdom and adaptations from past generations. When your microbiome flourishes, these lessons are passed on to your skin, awakening the beauty that was always there.

How It Works 

  1. Connects 
    100% active ingredients deliver biocompatible formulas that seamlessly connect with the skin’s environment and microbiome.
  2. Communicates 
    Prebiotics, postbiotics, and phytonutrients conduct robust conversations with skin cells and surrounding microorganisms, essentially giving your skin and microbiome an instruction manual for holistic protection and preservation.
  3. Cultivates 
    The skin-microbiome relationship is skillfully balanced, recalibrating where necessary and maintaining what’s already working. Interkingdom harmony is restored, enriching and cultivating the skin’s sensory abilities as the third brain.

The Journey of Our Ingredients

1. Select: Navigate The 5 Kingdoms

When choosing ingredients from The 5 Kingdoms, our selections are grounded by both tradition and science. Our mushrooms, botanicals, microalgae, probiotic strains, and honeys have not only been clinically researched to soothe even the most reactive skin types, but to deliver unrivaled results that challenge natural and synthetic formulations.

2. Source: Find The Best Form

Our sourcing integrity is based on R.O.S.E.S.: all our ingredients must be reliable, organic, sustainable, ethical, and safe. Throughout Paul’s 40 years of formulating, he has made connections with steadfast and trustworthy biomes. These relationships ensure the most efficacious form of each ingredient while sending a friendly ripple through their respective communities.

 3. Prepare: Elevate The Potency
With a foundation built on the most valuable plants, sentient mushrooms, clinically studied probiotics and exotic honeys in the world, our work is still incomplete. The final step is to elevate this already exquisite formula with our two zero-waste technologies: CO2 volcanic extraction and Artisanal Fermentation
Our Technologies

Artisanal Fermentation™

This ancient practice further elevates already exquisite formulas by acting as a transformative matrix that helps stabilize, activate, and summon a myriad of new nutrients including skin-strengthening prebiotic and postbiotic actives.

  • Condenses the molecular weight of nutrients to increase absorption, biocompatibility, and efficacy.
  • Small batches elevate the wisdom of whole ingredients to deliver a harmonious prebiotic + postbiotic formula.
  • Waterless powders and liquid ferments negate the use of chemical preservatives, fillers, and toxins.


This gentle extraction retains even the most sensitive nutrients and aromas. Volcanic-derived carbon dioxide is placed under high pressure in a closed-loop system, protecting bioactives from harmful oxygenation and nutrient-damaging temperatures.

  • Once pressure is released, carbon dioxide evaporates from the extract and yields an elegantly pure nutrient and scent profile.
  • Elevated bioactivity and antioxidant support delivers extracts capable of protecting cells from the inside out.
  • Solvent-free and waterless extraction process extends shelf life and negates the use of chemical preservatives.