Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver solutions for mind, body, and microbiome that build strength and resilience amidst modern health challenges. We do this by selecting nature’s time-tested offerings and preparing them for optimal efficacy. Our insistence on purity, potency, and clinically validated results enables us to craft formulations that deliver deep healing while respecting the interconnectedness of our biome and everything within it.​

True Holism™


We treat the mind, body, and planet as one interconnected entity, enabling you to make an impact that ripples out from you to the greater community.

Our Founders

Driven by the call to heal, Paul and Barbi Schulick founded For The Biome™ to awaken consciousness and spread a simple message: beauty is connection. The health of our skin and body, the balance of our minds, and the future of our planet are all connected, and in these tethers, Paul and Barbi find their dharma...

Our Inspiration

Innovation in health and wellness requires us to look back at the beginning of time—how did we come to be? How did our skin, gut, and other key systems actually come to be? We became obsessed with these questions, inspired by the conviction that finding the answers was critical to addressing how the body operates, how it reacts to stress, and how we could uplift its intrinsic ability to regenerate under stressful conditions. This naturally led us to explore evolutionary theory…and what we found transcended our expectations.