Healing Starts Within

Meditation For The Biome

It is our firm belief that to achieve your healthiest self, body and mind must be equally nurtured. Awakening the mind-body connection with meditation is an essential piece of raising awareness For The Biome™ and approaching wellness on a truly holistic level. Daily guided meditation is the foundation of our work culture, helping our team to operate as a conscious whole and harness the mental nourishment necessary to ripple change throughout our biome. With full hearts, we warmly extend this grounding force to our larger community with the hope that you will walk away feeling uplifted and centered.

The Benefits







Getting Started

Immerse yourself in guided meditation at any moment with recordings led by Barbi.

Meet Barbi

45+ Years of Meditation

Barbi’s meditation journey began long before her actual practice. As a child, she would often fall into natural meditative states, pondering the essence of it all. Her initiation into formal meditation in 1972 deepened this investigation as she navigated the teachings of Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana/Mindfulness practice, and non-dual self-inquiry through the decades. Barbi infuses these influences into her guided meditations, aspiring to help awaken connection in the self, in our communities, and our planet.

What To Expect

Tapping into the space of our essential being

“When I teach meditation, I remind people that the reasons we come to this practice do not always reflect a full understanding of what meditation is actually for. We try meditation for the promise of calm, clarity, and relaxation. Perhaps the health benefits grab our interest, or the hope of bettering our relationship. In work environments meditation is more than the sum of these parts. When we sit and get to know ourselves through what has come to be called mindfulness we discover a profound self-connection, a coming home to presence, a stilling into what’s right here.”
- Barbi Schulick

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