Clinically proven to improve your ability to adapt to stress, your emotional strength, and clarity of mind.*


Our fast-absorbing infusion of exotic and restorative flowers works to initiate an immediate and lasting impact on your central nervous system, gut microbiome, and immune system.*


Drink one 12oz cup for daily support and fast-acting relief at the onset of stress.

German Chamomile, Passionflower, Calendula, Hibiscus, Elderflower, Rose, Saffron


Refillable Jar (10 Bags)Refill Pouch (14 Bags)


The Clinical Proof

Stress Therapy Significantly Improves Your:

  • Ability to Adapt to Stress

  • Emotional Strength

  • Clarity of Mind

  • Sustained Energy

  • Focus

  • Well-Being



We only use Earth’s wisest, most potent ingredients. Each one is clinically researched and methodically sourced to ensure they are reliable, organic, sustainable, ethical and safe. We prepare each flower for optimal efficacy and potency, delivering a science-validated supplement brimming with uncompromised purity.

  • Chamomile
  • PassionFlower
  • ROSE

Not all chamomile flowers are created equal, and our German chamomile is rich in the gut-supportive compound, apigenin. Research shows that a daily dose of 5g of chamomile rich in apigenin can help increase levels of hippurate and glycinein, compounds that help balance the gut microbiome, maintain gut barrier function, and help support the production of mood-enhancing metabolites in the gut microbiome. Pair this with chamomile’s ability to bind to receptors in the brain responsible for relaxation, and it’s clear why chamomile is an essential herb for stress management.

Clinical studies have shown that passionflower extract is effective at calming feelings of anxiousness without side effects. Participants consuming passionflower in clinical trials have also noted significantly better subjective sleep quality.

Calendula contains a rich matrix of polyphenols, compounds that are considered important signaling factors for gut, immune, and emotional wellbeing. Science is now confirming what traditional herbalism has been saying all along about this potent and soothing botanical. 

Hibiscus has been shown to help expand blood vessels for improved blood flow and healthy circulation. Hibiscus has also been shown to lower the fight-flight hormone, cortisol.

While elderberry has become popular for immune support, elderflower contains one of the most potent quantities of polyphenols seen in nature, in fact, much more than the berry. Its most powerful phenolic compounds, including quercetin, rutin, and kaempferol, work to bathe the respiratory and digestive tracts to soothe inflammation and oxidative stress in both systems.

Along with its exceptional aromatherapeutic properties, rose oil has traditionally offered relief for grief, stress, and tension. Confirming its traditional use, recent studies show that rose oil demonstrates calming effects on the central nervous system and helps soothe feelings of sadness and anxiousness. Simply smelling the oil itself can initiate these effects along with a decrease in stress hormones like cortisol and testosterone.

Saffron is treasured in traditional medicine for its ability to enhance the efficacy of other herbs and for its digestive and immune support. Its blend of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotective properties makes it an effective solution for supporting the gut-brain axis. Stress Therapy contains a clinically effective dose of 100mg saffron in each infusion bag.




The Cost of
Overwhelming Stress

  • Disrupts the gut-brain axis, which can accelerate immune deterioration and make it difficult for the body to maintain equilibrium.

  • Has consequences on immune cells' readiness to mobilize and migrate in response to immune threats.

  • Triggers a fight-flight-freeze response which can disturb the gut microbiota’s ability to produce and regulate neurotransmitters and weaken gut-barrier function.

The Benefits of a
Healthier Gut

Our potent, 7-flower formula improves your gut microbiome diversity, which:

  • Supports serotonin production and other mood-elevating compounds, while modulating the fight-flight hormone, cortisol.*

  • Increases your resiliency to stress*

  • Enhances proper nutrient absorption*

  • Strengthens your gut barrier*

It's Like Making Tea


Bring 12-oz of water up to just before a boil


Pour water over infusion bag


Cover and steep for 10 minutes for optimal flavor*


Remove infusion bag, and enjoy hot or iced

*Steeping beyond 10 minutes provides no additional benefits and may reduce the flavor profile

Improve Your Resilience To Stress Today

Refillable Jar (10 Bags)Refill Pouch (14 Bags)


What Others Are Saying

"I was not in the greatest of moods. Made a cup of Stress Therapy and in less than 10 minutes, I was calm. Nothing short of a miracle. Please try for yourself."

Cindi L.

“I tend to be a very nervous and anxious person so having something natural to calm me is a blessing. I bring my liter jug to work with me and it helps me stay calm and cool as a cucumber.”


"I noticed with the first 3 days how my stress level dropped and I was so chill!! Thank you."

Susan S.

“Participants in the Stress Therapy clinical trial reported increased resilience to stress, increased mental clarity, and increased energy throughout the day.

Clarity of mind was highly significant, and in general, their wellness and adaptability to stress greatly improved.”

—Dr. Gitte Jensen

PhD, Immunology

Founder & Research Director at NIS Labs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does stress affect the immune system?

Almost all immune cells have receptors for stress hormones, and when we are stressed, it has been shown that the number of immune cells decrease, and we have a reduced ability to fend off threats. This can lead to a suppressed immune response along with weakened gut barrier function and disruption in the gut-brain axis.

Why infusion?

Capsules can take time to work, but infusions absorb quickly for stress relief when you need it most. An infusion begins absorbing into the bloodstream from the first sip while also bathing your gut with restorative actives. Along with faster benefits, infusions are a convenient way to get supplement-grade nutrients in one delicious serving. In fact, it would take 12 capsules to get the same dose as one serving of infusion.

Will Stress Therapy make me sleepy?

In clinical trials, Stress Therapy supported calm energy without sleepy side effects. Stress Therapy is designed to help balance the immune-weakening effects of stress on the body and help you stay alert and focused throughout the day. This makes Stress Therapy an excellent solution for caffeine-free, daytime relief.

Are your infusion bags safe for people and the planet?

We use OneEarth infusion bags which are USDA Certified 100% BioBased and sourced from a Certified Women Owned Enterprise. You can trust that they are fully plant-based, certified plastic-free, non-GMO, and proven to be biodegradable and compost in 21 days or less. The bags are produced from a 100% renewable source and will absorb the herbal contents as they biodegrade.

How is this different than a tea?

Our infusion provides a clinically validated dose of 6 grams of key herbs that is far more potent than a standard tea. They are quality tested to ensure the presence of beneficial actives in every dose.

Stress Therapy is a combination of 7 exotic, mood modulating and health supportive flowers, including a clinically effective 5g dose of chamomile that is proven to support gut microbiome biodiversity, a key component for emotional health. Your gut produces a large percentage of the body's feel-good hormone, serotonin. Our chamomile is quality tested and guaranteed to deliver apigenin, a key neuroprotective.

A clinical study demonstrated that consuming 1 cup of Stress Therapy daily for just 7 days significantly improves emotional strength, ability to adapt to stress, clarity of mind, focus, well-being and supports sustained energy throughout the day.


40+ Years of expertise

Immune health is more than just strengthening one system in the body. The most effective and lasting results come from treating the body as a whole.

"I’ve spent 40 years researching and identifying the world’s most potent nutrients to increase your immune system’s awareness, and bolster your resilience in the face of any challenge life throws your way."

—Paul Schulick

Founder, New Chapter & For the Biome