This Post Is Affecting Your Skin

The blue light from your smartphone could be waging war on your skin cells. Here's the science behind what's happening and how you can stand up to your screen:


One of the most researched and well-founded triggers for aging are little buggers called 'reactive oxygen species', or ROS. Under normal conditions, your skin balances the generation and elimination of ROS. When your skin's barrier function isn't at homeostasis due to diet, mental stress, or a combination of daily stressors, your skin cannot as effectively flush out ROS which can lead to oxidative stress—an imbalance that can accelerate the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity.


With lifestyles that require and influence us to look at our phones up to 55x a day, we tend to be overexposed to a barage of artifical light at night. This in combination with the fact that we get less natural light during the day can be detrimental to the balance of your skin. In fact, recent research has found that exposure as short as 1 hour may cause oxidative damage and result in cell death. Stress and aging can diminish our ability to recover from this damage and this is further exacerbated by repeated, unprotected exposure.


The best thing you can do for your skin is to limit your exposure to blue light. Easier said than done, so in the moments where you need to be in front of a screen (ex: at work, positive social media, catching up with friends) keep your skin protected with the soothing and fortifying wisdom of mushrooms, botanicals, and microalgae. For instance, mushrooms are high in the compound ergothionine which is known to funnel and protect breaches in your skin's barrier. Our clinically studied ingredients have shown the ability to balance even the most reactive skin types, helping your skin to reach homeostasis and stand strong in the face of blue light.

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