Our Journey to Becoming Waste-Free

When we set out to hand you products that were kind to your skin and the planet, we knew the vessels that embraced our formulas had to do the same.

Infinitely Recyclable

You can count on glass bottles and jars with every product, every time. While frosted glass can negatively impact the environment during the etching process, our standard amber glass is produced through low-impact manufacturing, is the best choice for preserving nutrients, and helps lessen the plastic waste that is plaguing our planet with its infinite recyclability.

Upcycled To Recycle

Our cardboard cylinder is born from 100% post-consumer fiber board, wrapped with 100% upcycled paper, and fixed with a product insert that is also printed on 100% upcycled paper. Reuse, reduce, recycle.

Ink Shouldn’t Stink

When it comes to sustainability, low-impact ink needs to be part of the discussion. The ink on our cardboard cylinder is soy-based while the ceramic inks on our glass bottles and jars is non-toxic and can be disposed of through standard recycling. 

Tops, Droppers, and Spray Nozzles

Our jars are topped with solid aluminum caps, our droppers are made of glass, aluminum and a rubber component, and our essence sprays feature an aluminum sheathed spray pump with plastic components. While all of this is still recyclable, we are looking boldly into the future to deliver an even more sustainable iteration. We can always do better, and we’re on a mission to ensure that happens. 

What The Future Holds

Transparently, we think that our packaging can be even more sustainable than it already is, and we fully intend to take it there. We have a team dedicated to researching innovations in the packaging industry, and you have our promise that as we grow, you will continue to see our sustainability efforts evolve. 

Coming soon: “Naked” reorders, streamlined outer-packaging, and refillables by 2021. Stay tuned!

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