To our valued customers, vendors, and retailers,

We are writing to inform you of an important change at For The Biome. Over the past year, we have been seeking funds from outside investment firms through challenging financial times. Like many, we have not been successful, and are now left with no alternative but to embark on a liquidation process.

 As you might imagine this choice is painful for us. We have been active in our industry and representing natural healing and herbals for more than 45 years.

Much like we felt for our first founding venture, New Chapter from 1982 until our departure in 2018, our newest effort, For The Biome, is equally close to our hearts and souls. We started again and with the help of our dedicated team, vendors, time-tested supply chain, and science partners, we took the necessary years to create award winning and clinically proven formulations for the mind, body, and microbiome. Thanks to all of you, our loyal customers, retail partners, and distributors, the extraordinary healing power started to build momentum. Unfortunately, our funds to continue this effort have been consumed.

We know that many of you rely on our products, and we have been profoundly appreciative of your support. We hope you can take advantage of our currently running clearance sale, ending Monday, August 7, and stock up to the degree that you are able.

Please know we will be available for inquiries of interest in acquisition, as we complete the winding down process in the coming month. We may still find a way for our dear For The Biome products to continue on.

With care and appreciation,

Paul and Barbi Schulick

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