How To Use Your Tool Kit

This Tool Kit was carefully sourced and assemble to brighten the journey as you navigate the waterless beauty world. That’s why your first purchase of any powder cleanser or mask includes your Tool Kit as a free gift! Here’s how you can employ these artisanally crafted goodies in your cleansing and masking alchemy:

Gentle Dual Cleansing Cloth 

Hemp French terry: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton
Bamboo velour: 70% bamboo viscose made from organic bamboo, 28% organic cotton, 2% polyester

This luxurious double-layer cloth features a silky bamboo velour side for makeup removal and sensitive skin while the hemp French terry side is perfect for a gentle scrub. It’s responsibly colored with an eco-friendly dye and OEKE certified to be non-toxic.

How It Works:
With the assistance of warm water to loosen makeup, the dense fibers on the silky side of the cloth are capable of binding onto makeup and grime particles without needing to scrub or irritate the skin and its microbiome. Makeup and dirt are bound to the cloth and will not smear as you continue to cleanse.

How To Use It:
Wet cloth with warm water. With gentle circular motions and very light pressure, use the silky side to remove any face and eye makeup or dirt and grime from the day. Flip cloth over to the terry side to gently exfoliate and pat dry. The cloth will remove most types of makeup without leaving a residue and without requiring a rinse. If there is any remaining makeup, you can apply Restore Essence Spray to the cleansing cloth or a cotton round and gently swipe over stubborn makeup or dirt.

The Benefits:
This cloth is a reusable, environmentally-friendly way to remove makeup while helping you cut back on harsh products that could disturb the balance of your skin and its microbiome.

Washing Instructions:
Hemp fleece and hemp French terry: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton

Bamboo velour, bamboo terry and bamboo single loop terry: 70% bamboo viscose made from organic bamboo, 28% organic cotton, 2% polyester

Can be lightly used 2-3 times prior to washing. Wash normal cycle with like colors. Tumble dry low.

Handcrafted Mixing Bowl

This delicately handcrafted ceramic bowl is made sustainably in our local Vermont community with electric kilns powered by Vermont Cow Power and electricity generated by surrounding Vermont Farms. Stamped with For The Biome’s logo to inspire mindfulness in your routine.

How It Works:
While you can use this bowl solely for blending your powder, it can also be bought again separately and used for anything from jewelry to other trinkets.

How To Use It:
Simply place powder and water in bowl and blend away! Rinse after use.

The Benefits:
This bowl is dedicated to your ritual and can be stored along with your product for easy access and a seamless routine. 


Organic Bamboo Spoon

This eco-friendly bamboo spoon is shaped and engraved in small batches with ¼ teaspoon scooper for precise blending and the revel in the gentle reminder to ‘Make It A Ritual’.

Length: 3.5"
Scoop width: 3/4" 
Handle width: 1/4"

How It Works:

How To Use It:
Use to scoop one spoonful of powder and one spoonful of water to place into bowl. Rinse after use.

The Benefits:
The other half to our mixing bowl, this bamboo spoon is the scepter of your alchemy and elevates the simplicity of your ritual.

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