For The Biome Strikes For Climate Justice

During the week of September 20, 2019, our team was proud to stand tall with nearly 7.6 million people across 150 countries as we united in the face of the climate crisis. The Global Climate Strike was the largest in history, a culmination of people from all walks of life demanding that politicians heed this urgent message: the future of our planet is only possible with 100% clean energy and the immediate divestment of fossil fuels.

While our philanthropic efforts support climate change reversal, our team cares just as deeply about this issue on a personal level. When the opportunity presented itself to connect with our local communities and show up for what we believe in, we didn’t think twice about dropping work and joining in the streets. From New Hampshire and Vermont to Utah, we marched and stood our ground in the name of our planet. Our experiences struck our souls and reinforced the lifeblood of our mission—to connect and support the future of our interdependent world, our one and only biome.

Barbi, Co-Founder
Brattleboro, VT
“I was very moved by the day, being there as a Boomer seeing old friends, gray-haired like me and their grandchildren leading the way. It was poignant. So many of us filled the streets like this in the 60s and 70s but the stakes are so much higher for these young people today. The angst in their voices was both heartbreaking and compelling.”

Cassouki, Creative Director
Manchester, NH
“At first, I was nervous to attend the strike by myself, not entirely sure what to expect. Once I got there, I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. It was a powerful experience, gathered in the city park with small children, wrinkled faces and everyone in between. Most people proudly held a handcrafted sign with a serious message and dedication to make a change. Chills surfaced as we chanted ‘WHEN OUR PLANET’S UNDER ATTACK WHAT DO WE DO? STAND UP, FIGHT BACK’ and continued to march toward the city hall.”

Dina, Copy Director
Salt Lake City, UT
“As my partner and I rode our bikes down to join the strike, the air was electric with energy. It was downpouring rain, a frigid 45° for desert standards, and thunder boomed in the distance. I was worried no one would show and my heart burst when I saw that the streets were vibrant with protestors. We marched one mile to the Utah State Capitol and beckoned the weather to do its worst as we demanded the right for our future.”

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