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Our human bodies are complex and amazing, especially when one thinks about what happens in (and outside) the human body each and every day. And, an important part of our body is the skin. Our skin is one of our body’s lines of defense, which is even more reason to take care of it. One such way to take care of it is with the use of For The Biome. 


Now, to be honest, I know a little (but not a lot) about the human microbiome. It’s quite a fascinating area of science and health! So, when I was introduced to For The Biome, I was intrigued and excited!  So, read on to learn more.

According to the For the Biome website, “You are a biodiverse system of life connected to all things. The trillions of microbes cloaking your skin, known as your microbiome, play a pivotal role in how you and your skin adapt to mental and environmental stress. . . . When crosstalk is awakened between the skin and its microbiome, your skin has the information it needs to reach its fullest potential and make educated responses in the face of stressors; of naturally rejuvenating for a lifetime of radiant skin. We (Meet the Biome) aim to awaken this relationship.”  Wow! I find the above amazing and enlightening, and it provides me hope for my aging skin. Now, onto the products!

Start Off With A Gentle Cleanser

The first product I tried is their Soothe Powder Cleanser, a product best for sensitive skin. This is to help cleanse, soothe and balance the skin, while helping its moisture barrier. It contains organic ingredients, is EWG-verified, and it’s vegan. I washed my skin with this cleanser and I have to say a little goes a long way. It was soothing and felt exfoliating. And, my skin didn’t react negatively to it at all (I have sensitive skin).

A Restore Spray To Help Care For Your Microbiome

Next, is their Restore Essence Spray, made with a special probiotic formula, Swiss black bee honey ferment and Manuka honey. This product is meant to help support your microbiome’s health, while helping to even the tone of your complexion. It also helps protect your skin against pollution and is EWG-verified. (If you’re not familiar with EWG, I highly suggest you check them out!) This spray was very refreshing to my skin. And, I love that it can help even the tone of my facial skin.

Serums For Moisturizing and Protection

For the Biome also has serums for various purposes. Their Awaken Eye Serum provides moisturization, restoration, and protection to the delicate skin near the eye. It contains chamomile (for soothing), and pomegranate, millet, amaranth, raspberry, and rosehip seed. Plus, it goes on easily with a roll-on applicator! I like this product as it gently moisturizes the skin under my eyes, which is an area I tend to neglect.

They also have a Shield Face Serum, which includes astaxanthin (for protection), chamomile (to soothe), marigold (for repair), sea buckthorn (for moisturization), rosehip seed (for restoration), and other beneficial ingredients. Its purpose is to provide your skin protection and a smooth complexion. This is probably my most favorite product. It goes on lightly and left my face feeling moisturized and fresh. I can definitely see how it would provide protection and soothe my skin at the same time.


All of the above are made without fillers, preservatives, and toxins. So, you can feel good about putting their products on your skin! My kit also came with the mixing bowl, bamboo measuring spoon, and cleansing cloth, so I was all set to pamper and care for my skin (which, admittedly, I’ve neglected quite a bit lately). The tools can be purchased together or separately.

For The Biome – For You And Your Skin

The above products are only a portion of what For the Biome has to offer. Visit their website to see the array of other products they have to help you pamper and care for you, your skin, and your microbiome. They also provide a ton of information regarding how their products work. Father’s Day is around the corner and For the Biome would make a great gift for dad! It would also be a great way to pamper mom. And, at the time I’m writing this post, for every purchase made, 3% of sales goes to support populations hit the hardest by COVID-19 (subject to change). Thank you, For the Biome!


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For the Biome takes skin care to a different level and is more holistic in its approach.

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