Microbiome formulations go more than skin deep


Paul Schulick is co-founder of the legacy New Chapter supplements company, and has just launched For the Biome—at the start, a skin-care company with formulations that “speak your skin’s language” and “awaken your skin, microbiome, and consciousness.” Get ready to expand your consciousness in this scintillating conversation with an industry pioneer and innovator who is bringing new thinking to preventive health care. In this Healthy Insider Podcast, senior editor Todd Runestad and Schulick go deep on topics such as:
• The root of why we are not healthy is America’s disease-treatment system and not a true health-care system. Is today’s health crisis an opportunity to shift that paradigm?
• The challenge of using best-in-class ingredients, and how the most expensive product is the one that does not work.
• Schulick’s basic message for people who want to survive the coronavirus and also for those who want to live a healthy, sustainable, sentient, compassionate life in the 21st Century and beyond.


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