"Maskne" and how to fix it

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Maskne is a relatively recent phenomenon. It refers to acne and breakouts on cheeks, jawline and chin, caused by wearing face masks for extended periods of time. We’re talking about the masks worn for viral protection, not beautifying face masks! Ironic, right? In an attempt to keep your body healthy and safe from outside toxins, you may be inflaming and clogging your pores in the process.

How does this happen? The simple act of putting the same piece of fabric on your face day after day can run the risk of introducing extra bacteria where it doesn’t need to be. During the heat of summer, it’s natural to sweat anyway, so having a mask to hold in those oils and bacteria isn’t good for anyone. As much as we may hope, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for mask usage, so the question turns to how we can prevent maskne from compromising our skin while we’re trying to protect ourselves and others. Luckily, there are simple solution that can really help. 

After getting back home from a long day of grocery store runs, work and more, cleanse your face right away and run your mask through the wash. Think of the mask as a new piece of your wardrobe, and wash it every day. You’d wash your T-shirt after a workout, right? It’s the same with face masks.

Cleansing your mask and your face is the biggest step to making sure you don’t let your pores soak up any unnecessary dirt or residue that is leftover. The first step in the right direction is cleaning your skin with some type of salicylic acid-based cleanser. Try Zit No More Cleanse from The Better Skin Co. will gently and non-abrasively cleanse your skin. And keep antioxidant-rich Athena Club's Soft Face Wipes handy. These will wipe away sweat and grime on the go! Keep them handy in your car, stroller, purse or backpack. 

We also love the Restore Essence Spray from For The Biome, a mattifying mist that is a blend of Manuka honey and Swiss black bee honey (both fermented) along with probiotics. It not only nourishes the skin, it reduces sebum production to prevent blemishes.

Remember to moisturize. A water-based, fragrance-free moisturizer will do. Finally, try to keep an eye out for stray blemishes and spot-treat every night. The Blemish Treatment from Leaf People is a perfect solution for spot treating in an organic way. Made with pure essential oils, it will treat any random blemishes and ensure healthier skin moving forward. 

Staying vigilant and never getting too comfortable with your usual routine is crucial for your skin. It’s just as complex as you are, so making sure you give it the attention it deserves while maintaining a balance at the same time will make a world of a difference. Here’s to continual bacteria-free mask-wearing!

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